Monthly Program: May w/ Ryu, 小喇叭 Xiaolaba

Tokyo Community Radio Presents Monthly Program: May Ryu, 小喇叭 Xiaolaba

Stream from 20:00 (JST)

Live on TCR Youtube channel.

This broadcast is open to the public.

at CARBON, Shibuya
Address: 〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-19-10 J1 BLD 2F



1995年生まれのDJ, Organizer。
鹿児島でキャリアをスタートさせ、現在東京と鹿児島の様々なDJ barを拠点に活動する。
フロアの空気感に合わせた選曲を得意とし、ジャンルは70年代から80年代のサウンドを中心としたNu Discoを軸に幅広く展開する。

Blossoming his musical talents in Kagoshima prefecture at in his beginning years, later decided to stretch his talents to the city that never sleeps – TOKYO.

Professionally spinning since 2018, now he vibrates the dance floor as resident DJ both in Tokyo and Kagoshima: Aoyama Tunnel, Common, The room, Nice & Easy to mention the least. And performed abroad twice: 2023 summer in Indonesia, 2024 spring in China.

The immaculate choice of sound waves of his, makes the ganstas dancing and the booties shaking. The groove wizard coming to a city near you…

小喇叭 Xiaolaba

小喇叭 Xiaolaba

You may have heard of him and you may have seen him somewhere because he is always out playing everywhere and so are you. Words are different for him.

You can hear/see the playback of his videos/audio on NTS Radio,, Radio Relativa in Madrid, AUC Webradio in Amsterdam, Ultraviolet Live in Dubai and Shanghai Community Radio.

He loves all imaginative sounds and music that creates an emotional connection to himself. These always revolve around human society and nature.

His mind is often blank and often swept by a torrent of fragmented information that leaves him muddled and unenlightened. He is water, shout out to Bruce Lee. and of course, you might also hear him playing some middle-of-the-road, generic music and see him playing someone who thinks music sounds good, for the sake of living. What you can hear from him depends on who you are and what kind of place you are in, he plays for everyone.