Monthly Program: May w/ BUSYBOI, Hideki Ito

Tokyo Community Radio Presents Monthly Program: May BUSYBOI, Hideki Ito

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DJ & producer in the electronic music scene, began his journey into the world of dance music in 2019. Since then, he has been making waves with his unique taste for music selection that effortlessly blends irregular grooves from House, Techno, Trance and even Leftfield Bass. His sets are a masterful blend of unusual elements, creating compounds of organic and spiritual sounds that always keep the audience guessing. BUSYBOI is a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor.

In 2019, BUSYBOI decided to organize the music collective THÜR alongside Subez Yeti and Adipta. Since then, he has been an active member of the local underground scene. He has performed in various venues in Asia, including supporting Mars89 (JP) on tour in China. With his unparalleled talent and passion for music, BUSYBOI is poised to become a household name in the electronic music scene. Besides grinding in underground world, BUSYBOI has been a sought-after performer for a variety of brand events, including JOYCE, Keen and Eaton Hotel. His uncanny ability to select the perfect tune that aligns with each event’s theme has made him a crowd favorite.

BUSYBOI persevered through the COVID pandemic to release his debut EP ‘Tribe Exploring’, which received positive feedback. After that, he has also been invited to be the support act for B E N N (TW / Over my body) and The Glitch Mob (US), highlighting his versatility as an artist and his eagerness to explore new opportunities.

In 2023, Mixmag Asia spotlighted BUSYBOI in a comprehensive interview. Delving into the story behind his single track and his musical journey, the piece underscored his significant impact on the Asian electronic music scene. BUSYBOI was invited to perform at the esteemed Shifumiz Festival 2023. Sharing the stage with globally-renowned artists such as Octave One, Yu Su, Licaxxx, and Mr. Ho. The further cemented his presence in the international music industry

Hideki Ito

Hideki Ito

Hideki Ito is an Angeles City born Kapampangan-Japanese ermerging music producer-dj-artist whose influence is felt at venues that are big on sound as an experience. Born in a town that holds parties at a basketball court every year during fiestas, he takes inspiration from his upbringing which explores temporal spaces as refuge for enthusiasts with a particular taste in music influencing his sound to showcase leftfield techno—a potent creative energy that shapes dance floors into a higher state of pure consciousness.

He has been spinning since 2017 at local underground parties—Elephant, a queer party-collective in Manila held in the now-defunct club XX XX where he started as a club goer and became a resident dj who helped shape the sound identity of the safer space playing with the likes of Jonathan Kusuma and Transatlantic Berlin, Blitz in Today x Future where he devoted his earlier dj grinds, Kaput, and a current resident dj of the notorious SadoMasoDisco hosting parties at unconventional spots around the metro where he has amassed bookings to open for the likes of Fantastic Man, Mr. Ho, and Nemo & Castro of Sound Metaphors.

Through his ambitious ideas, he was able to land places such as El Nido, Palawan where he headlined the three-day Tao Festival Season Ender 2023 alongside international and local djs, played with renowned Nina Kraviz for ACiD Festival after party in WOMB, Tokyo, and have worked with NIKE, Vogue, Sounds Nais for his debut track, and Manila Community Radio x Boiler Room which showcased Budots—one of the grassroots sounds of the Philippines—and its mutations together with one of the largely credited pioneers of the genre—DJ Love. This inspired him to establish his forthcoming music label-collective Mekeni in hopes of rekindling a sense of pride among the talented native youth of Pampanga.