Monthly Program: April w/  Robi, ShioriyBradshaw, Romy Mats

Tokyo Community Radio Presents Monthly Program: April Robi, ShioriyBradshaw, Romy Mats

Stream from 20:00 (JST)

Live on TCR Youtube channel.

This broadcast is open to the public.

at CARBON, Shibuya
Address: 〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-19-10 J1 BLD 2F



Robert Henriques is an artist and producer working in the field of modular synthesis, field recording and sound art. Working between artistic mediums, Robert Henriques has collaborated with the likes of Soundwalk Collective, Patti Smith, Jennifer Connelly, Louis Vuitton, TBA-21, Nan Goldin, Analogue Foundation and many more…



R&BとHip Hopをルーツに持ちながら、ワールドワイドなベースミュージック、インダストリアル、エクスペリメンタルなど様々なジャンルをクロスオーバーさせるプレイが彼女のスタイル。DJを軸にパーティーのディレクションやDJに関するディスカッションの場などにも登壇するなど、音楽に関するキュレーション活動も積極的に行っている。
2016年に自身初のMIX CD「NOVA」、2019年にManhattan RecordsよりMIX CD「Lifestyle」をリリース。
2017年よりDJ BAR&LOUNGE WREPで「Palladium Lab」というパーティーのレジデントを務めている。
2021年からは香港の配信プラットホーム「Hong Kong Community Radio」のレジテントも務め、更にNTS Radio, Rinse FranceなどにもMIXを提供している。

Tokyo based DJ, music curator, event organizer, and more- ShioriyBradshaw has been one of the most trusted artists in the local music scene since 2006. She started her career playing R&B and hip-hop, but her signature style has become crossing over global tracks and multiple genres including bass, industrial, experimental, and more.
In 2016, she released her first Mix CD ‘Nova’. In 2019, she follows with Mix CD ‘Lifestyle’ released through Manhattan Records.
In 2017, she became a resident DJ and event curator at DJ BAR&LOUNGE WREP where she hosts her monthly event Palladium Lab.
Outside of Japan, she holds a residency on Hong Kong Community Radio and has been a guest on NTS Radio, Rinse France, and more.

Romy Mats

Romy Mats

1994年、東京生まれ。2017年1月より、世界中のアンダーグラウンドから日本へと伝わるエレクトロニックミュージックを独自の視点で紹介するパーティー『解体新書』を主宰、レジデントDJを務めている。『解体新書』は国内外の様々なアーティストをフィーチャーしながら、これまでにSaloon、WWWβ、Contact Tokyoと渡り歩き、規模と深度においては東京のシーンにおいて類を見ない発展を続けている。2021年6月からは、広義的かつ先鋭的にDJツールとなり得る音楽を中心にリリースするレーベル〈KTSNS〉を始動し、『解体新書』として更なる活動の幅を拡げている。
またDJとしての活動を始める以前より、本名名義のHiromi Matsubaraでライター/エディターとして活動し、2014年からは、国内の老舗エレクトロニックミュージック・メディア『HigherFrequency』で編集長を務めている。

Born in 1994, based on Tokyo. He organizes “解体新書 (Kaitai-Shinsho)“ that introducing electronic music from worldwide underground to Japan with its own perspective.
‘Kaitai-Shinsho’ has continued to develop in scale and depth unparalleled in the Tokyo scene, moving from Saloon to WWWβ to Contact Tokyo while featuring various artists from Japan and abroad, for example Call Super, Randomer, Pangaea, Peverelist, Moritz von Oswald, Laurel Halo, Leon Vynehall, Simo Cell, JASSS, MCMLXXXV, Nathan Micay, Yu Su, Tolouse Low Trax, Imre Kiss, S Olbricht, Bartellow, Haruka, Compuma, AKIRAM EN, Mars89 etc…
And from June 2021, he started the label “KTSNS” that release DJ tools in a broad and radical sense. He is expanding the scope of his activities based on his own platform.
He works as a writer / editor / journalist under his real name Hiromi Matsubara, and he act as chief editor of “Higher Frequency” that long-established Japanese electronic music media. He use his experiences as a writer / journalist / organizer in contact with dance music for track selection as a DJ, with a theme of tradition and innovation, urban and paradise, harmony and chaos, he will face a mix that goes beyond the boundaries of the context with a broad perspective.